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Our Work

As we empower our shamba (farm) teams with education, employment, nourishment and agricultural resources, we have also successfully presented investment opportunities through our US Based MBK Non-profit Charity. This has allowed individuals and families to donate as an investment to the vision of MBK International Empowerment Network.

As MBKI continues to grow with better resources, management support and strategic implementation, more shamba team members are then provided with better room and board, coverage for medical and transportation expenses, consistent nourishment, higher education and innovative agricultural tools.


Kenney Acres - USA - Sacramento, CA

The Kenney Family saw the vision of MBKI in action and decided to become supporters and investors of the vision. 


With 3.5 acres of nyanya (tomatoes), Kenney Acres have helped enrich the lives of over 40 Tanzanians with consistent income, food, sustainable resources (boreholes) and empowerment strategies that's helping shape future generations.

P.I.I.C.L. Acres - USA - Sacramento, CA

The Powell International Investment Company Limited saw the opportunity to become supporters in the cause. By investing in 3 acres of nyanya (Tomatoes) and have helped enrich the lives of over 35 local Tanzanians.


K3pha Acres

Recording Artist and Music Producer K3pha say the opportunity to invest in 2 acres of pili pili hoho (bell peppers) and have aided in enriching the lives of 30 Tanzanians.

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